New Iphone App by My6Sense

My6sense has a new version of an application that can automatically highlight the most relevant tweets from the users you follow. The mytweetsense feature of the software learns the things that interests the user the most and then searches for tweets from the people he/she follows. MyTweetsense works best for tweets that include links. So, it can also pull pictures or vidoes from the links.

The default view in the app displays all the recent tweets you received according to relevancy. But you can view your tweets according to the timeline. My6sense keeps an eye on your interests and what you share on social networks and then it automatically tries to show you the things in your area of interest. It takes a little bit of training, but if our experience with the my6sense RSS reader is any indication, the results are surprisingly good. Not only this, My6sense also looks at the content of your Twitter stream and it also gives you an option to turn on the relevancy system for tweets that do not contain links.

with growing number of Twitter users and tweets everyday, it is a bit difficult to keep up with the tweets. But this useful iPhone app can be of real help!

It's a great tool to catch up on your tweets if you have been offline for a few days.

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