Youtube now gets a whopping 4 billion daily video views

Youtube as we all knew of some 5-6 years ago isn’t the same anymore. The largest video site on the web is accessed by billions of users from their computers, tablets and mobile phones. Google has been making lots of changes in Youtube in the last few years and now Youtube just doesn’t serve as a video site but serves as a portfolio for many brands and artists as well.

Opera Mobile to be released for Android soon

Opera will soon be brining its very popular mobile browser software Opera Mobile to Android Platform. Android market is growing rapidly and with the introduction of the major iPhone Applications for Android platform, its not surprising that Opera is introducing an application for the same. Recently a Wolfram Alpha Application was also released for Android. The company hasn’t exactly mentioned the date of its release but they say that it will be released within the coming few weeks.

AOL to buy Web Video distributor 5 Min Media

The technology giant AOL is buying the eb video startup 5Min Media very soon. The purchasing price hasn’t yet been finalized precisely but it could be somewhere around $50 million and $65 million, as the sources say. The deal will hopefully be announced on Tuesday morning by AOL

5Min has proven itself as a successful company in its fledgling career. It raised around $13 million in three years. CEO of 5 Min Media Ran Harnevo said that he could make more money as the company was offered the chance to raise some more amount at very compelling valuations.The deal will soon be finalized and AOL will have its hands on 5 Min Media very soon. The secret video strategy that AOL is coming up with in very recent future is marked by this takeover on 5 Min Media.

5Min takes up video clips made by people and distributes them to other people’s Web sites. The videos come from people, totally strangers to your and others that you are connected to inside your network. 5 Min Media is content at serving the videos on its own and isn’t interested in getting them on Youtube. 5 Min though not remotely as big as 10 percent of Youtube claims that it has a library of 200,000 clips that generate a whopping 110 million views a month, across 800 partner sites. This number itself justifies why AOL laid its hands on the company.

5 Min Media isn’t much of an attractive deal for company as colossal as AOL, unless the distribution rights are retained upon acquisition. This company will go in tandem with Studio Now, the video creation engine that AOL bought earlier this year. This venture will save AOL lots of cash in the long run as with the aid of StudioNow, AOL is making and will make a lot of videos at low cost.

The All new HTC Sense

HTC has released a brand new version of its Sense UI for Android smartphones. It has rolled out a Web-based portal that will let you back up, access, wipe, or geolocate your Android phone from your PC. Isn't that awesome?

Well this online backup service isn't an all new embargo in the scene. The new has successfully walked the line of Microsoft's My Phone, and BlackBerry Protect, Apple's Mobile Me  as a backup service for mobile phones. HTC says that the new app will show a missing phone's location on a map, and then trigger it to ring at the fullest volume and also enables you to forward calls or texts to another phone. Or it can also let you completely lock the phone or wipe it out. Then, transferring everything to a new phone will also be very easy via the smart backup which will include transferring of contacts, texts and even call history. isn't available for the phones in USA yet. HTC hasn't given a word on the phone models that will be available in the US in the future. But U.S. based phone carriers have taken the matter very lightly as these seem to be olden days stuff to them, already done my Microsoft and the like. There is a chance that US carriers could block also comes with the latest version of the HTC Sense tool that also has the Kobo e-book reader and a new camera app. HTC has also launched two phones The Desire HD and Desire Z in the European market. These are the Euro Versions for Sprint's HTC EVO 4G and G2 phone, respectively.

Although the US carriers aren't much happy about the new HTC sense, Google sounds happy,
"As a key Android partner and smartphone brand, HTC continues to bring new innovation to the platform," Andy Rubin, the head of Google's Android efforts, said in HTC's press release. "Android is about choice, and the new HTC smartphones continue to provide customers with powerful choices and flexibility.", says Google.

Lets see if this venture by HTC becomes successful.

New Iphone App by My6Sense

My6sense has a new version of an application that can automatically highlight the most relevant tweets from the users you follow. The mytweetsense feature of the software learns the things that interests the user the most and then searches for tweets from the people he/she follows. MyTweetsense works best for tweets that include links. So, it can also pull pictures or vidoes from the links.

The default view in the app displays all the recent tweets you received according to relevancy. But you can view your tweets according to the timeline. My6sense keeps an eye on your interests and what you share on social networks and then it automatically tries to show you the things in your area of interest. It takes a little bit of training, but if our experience with the my6sense RSS reader is any indication, the results are surprisingly good. Not only this, My6sense also looks at the content of your Twitter stream and it also gives you an option to turn on the relevancy system for tweets that do not contain links.

with growing number of Twitter users and tweets everyday, it is a bit difficult to keep up with the tweets. But this useful iPhone app can be of real help!

It's a great tool to catch up on your tweets if you have been offline for a few days.

Tweetcraft-Twitter client dedicated to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft the most popular MMORPG game fans can now enjoy a new Twitter client that integrates with the Warcraft.Tweetcraft is an in-game Twitter client for WoW that lets you send and receive Tweets within a game. If you want to take a rest in the middle of a match, you can just send out Tweets it’s more convenient.

The client also lets you upload some screenshots from the game using Twitpic. TwitPic and will then send the tweet automatically when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement. Tweetcraft also caught the attention of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. He has written a post regarding this. Well watch this video to know more.

Cooliris's Small Change Has a Big Impact on Usability

cooliris opens in tabCooliris, one of the coolest browser based extension that lets a person see 3D visual search for images and other stuff has just updated their application. Well they call it just a minor upgrade but don't snub it anyway. This little change is actually gonna make your lives much easier.

Now, Cooliris will no longer launch into a full-screen 3D browser when activated. Instead, Cooliris will launch into a separate browser tab. This is actually very useful because, users had to sacrifice web browsing to view images with Cooliris. Now the change makes it easy for people to switch between Cooliris and other open tabs and also the applications running on the computer.

The 3d surfing interface of Cooliris is really unmatched any other thing. This is one of the leaders in the visual search engine realm. Cooliris, that was previously just meant for searching images from a handful of sites now lets users to search through all of favorite sites like flickr, YouTube, Facebook, deviantart, google image search and much more. And they have a nifty iPhone application, too.

The Cooliris after its launch would hide the whole desktop that was in one way a demerit of the application. Now with this major but nifty update, would make it much easier for users who love multitasking. So, download the latest version of Cooliris and forget those days when it used to engulf whole of your desktop.